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“Amy? what are you doing here?” Asked a male hedgehog visibly not happy to see hyper person making a beeline at him.

“Fated lovers always find their way back to one another,” the pink female replied leaning in close to her blue hero. “And besides... this way I can keep my eyes on you.”

Amy gave Sonic a sexy wink but Sonic wasn't too keen on the sudden invasion of his personal space and quickly backed up.

Amy Rose truly didn't follow Sonic to the World Grand Prix as she only wanted to have some fun and possibly become the first female winner, Seeing Sonic was as she always said; Destiny.

The mechanical sounds of Omochao suddenly sounded from the skies. “Competitors prepare your return to the starting line! The race begins in 20 minutes!”

“Guess we better get going.” Tails said putting away his tools after closing the back of Knuckles Extreme Gear.

“I'll see you later Sonic, we could get some shaved ice together right? I found a sweet place I thought would be nice for us to visit. Just the two of us!” Amy smiled and before her head could say otherwise she jumped in to give Sonic a hug it was perhaps to tight.

“Gah!” Sonic exclaimed trying to gently push Amy away. Yup to tight.

“Hey Ames actually uhm...” How do I say this without hurting her feelings? Sonic worried about how she'd react as he knew she could either become easily hurt or even worse; angry.

“Ya see I already promised the guys we'd get more practice in ya'know. The next is suppose to take place on sand so...” he trailed off waiting for the fireworks in her eyes to go off but instead Amy simply nodded.  

“Oh, okay. I understand perhaps another time?” Amy chanted in her head almost as if willing Sonic to agree. She knew when Sonic promised something we would keep it no matter what so for him to just say 'Of course Amy I'd love to eat shaved ice with you under the shade of a palm tree surrounded by beautiful flowers.'  

she'd also take a simple 'yes' though.

“Competitors to the starting line! The race begins in 10 minutes!”

Not the smooth voice she'd expected nor the words she longed to hear. In fact, when she opened her eyes she noticed she was completely alone...

* * *

Close by at the same time was another hedgehog whose using this break time to practice riding the vines had become an unwilling ease dropper on the whole ordeal.

“Ya see I already promised the guys we'd get more practice in,

What a liar. He thought, If he didn't want to be with the girl he should've just said so.

Shadow honestly didn't care how Sonic spent his free time but the fact that he lied sort of bugged him as he already knew Sonic planned to do something involving those Babylon Rouges.

What would be the point in not telling her? Would she want to join? Amy would probably be more likely to join their “Practice” than whatever he planned with those unknown people.

Shaking his head to clear it of the pesky thoughts Shadow ran to a nearby vine and executed a perfect grind on multiple vines before making a sharp U turn and returning to his beginning spot.

“Good...that should put me back in the lead if I should fall back, not that that'll happen.” Shadow smirked to himself.

Just then a small whimper floated past Shadow's ear causing it to flick back toward the sound. “Now what?” he murmured and looked back to the spot where standing by herself was Amy Rose still. Her head was down, fist clenched tightly it made her shoulders tremble.

Wonder what the Blue Wonder did to her this time?” Shadow sighed not really wanting to go to the girl as he didn't know how to respond to crying  females but still he wasn't going to just leave her there.

* * *

He just...left...

Sonic didn't even have the decency to say goodbye and when did he even leave? Amy knew she started day dreaming at one point but that doesn't explain why he ran off.

“He didn't promise to hang out with me later so that's probably why he took off, to avoid making a date.”

Oh Sonic, She cried to herself, I don't want to tie you down just want your love.

Salty wet trails trickled down her pink cheeks. “Sonic you jerk! You didn't have to run away like always. How could you?”

“Because that's Sonic; here one moment then gone the next.”

The deep baritone voice startled her until she saw the voice belonged to Shadow, another person she trusted fully never to harm her. “You scared me.” She said trying to put on a smile but it was obvious Shadow wasn't buying it.

“Why are you crying over him? I thought you were better than that.”


The blunt statement unnerved Amy as his bright red eyes seemed to peer into her soul.

“I don't know what your talking about? I'm not crying and certainly not over that jerk!” Amy replied. Never one to show weakness in front of someone so strong she held her head high but again Shadow deflated her fake ego with just a flick of his hand.

More gently than Amy thought Shadow was capable he had cup her cheeks and wiped dry her tear stained face. “You can't fool me Amy.” The way he said her name was like a caress.

Shadow could easily see how nervous he was making her and oddly it made him glad he had that effect on the young hedgehog.

Amy was a beautiful girl with a strong heart, he wouldn't deny that or the fact that she wore her emotions on her sleeve which amused him.

He didn't think she deserved the treatment Sonic gives her so maybe just for today, he'd do something nice for her.

“Amy if you make top five in the race I'll take you for that shaved ice myself.”

Amy was baffled and confused.

Had Shadow the hedgehog, ultimate lifeform and grade A loner just invite her to Shave Ice as a date!?

“Competitors to the starting line! The race will begin in 5 minutes.”

Shadow smirked and gave his own wink “Good luck.”

* *Start:Lap 1* *

All eleven racers took their mark and Omochao began the announcement hyping the crowd watching on the Jumbo-tron from else where.

Sonic was teeming with anticipation ready to feel the wind on his face and show that Hawk just who was the better racer. “First place here I come,” He said.

“In your dreams maybe!” A purple swallow retorted before moving to her place beside Storm with a 'hmph'.

“You ready Amy?” Sonic turned to see Shadow standing next to Amy and she smiled bright at him.

“Not gonna hold back!” She taunted lightly back. Sonic could almost feel a teasing aura around them as if they were close or something. 'It's all in your head buddy, focus on the race.'

Shadow grinned at Amy's determination and the spark in her green eyes. “You aren't riding a board?” Amy asked noticed he didn't hold a board like the other riders. “No, Skating is more second nature to me and not so constricting being stuck on an oversize stick.”

“Oooh I want to try that sound fun!” Again her excitement made him chuckle.


The racers all started their gear.


The green beam quickly moved forward as some racers stepped back a bit for a running start


Knuckles and Storm became to overzealous to beat the other and was shocked by the starting line, they lost time and air.


Sonic, Amy, Shadow, Jet and Wave all began flawlessly leaving Ulala and Aiai easily behind; Little Cream was holding last and nearly fell on the first jump.

The first Vine approached and Amy quickly jumped on followed by Shadow. Sonic cursed to himself as Jet's speeding up caused a turbulence Sonic got caught in and couldn't get out off until he was in 5th place.

The flying characters glided to the ramp and gained speed faster then the others on the thick branches and while in the air Tails attacked Wave who immediately fell having to start again at the ramp with the help of a Chao in a balloon ready to catch falling riders in the area “damn that kid!”

“Excuse me, so sorry.” Cream passed Wave and was finally in 10th place.

Shadow and Amy were neck and neck aiming to grab as many capsules full of air as they could for later. Amy scooped up a 10 ring pack right as Shadow was reaching for it and promptly rode around the branch playfully.

“Nice moves but still could use work.”

“You'll teach me personally right?” Amy giggled then realized something...she was actually flirting with someone not Sonic. It felt nice.

“We'll see, you gotta win first.” He boosted further ahead and entered the Centipede Ride first.

“Hey no fair!”

Sonic managed to past Jet multiple times and even received an upgrade to hold more air but he was in 4th which wasn't what he expected at all.

Amy and Shadow were back and forth between lead while Tails held 3rd.

Heading off Centipede Ride he caught a glimpse of Amy and Shadow seeming to be playing on the ramp, out doing the other in tricks. “What's going on with them?”

“haha! I won that combo!” Amy cheered happily then pouted as Shadow performed 1 more combo than her. “You were saying.” He said.

“I said I'll get you next lap.” they boosted forward

“Ahhh!” It was Tails' turn to fall this time and begin further back putting him in 5th until he was attacked by both Ulala, Aiai and Wave dropping him to 8th and running out of air.

Amy gathered air for a high jump along to the spider web with plans for multiple tricks she'd practice but let go to early and didn't get quite far to pull off even one. “ah man.”

Amy looked up to see if Shadow managed to get up the Spider Web Jump but only saw Sonic and Wave bounding around to complete their lap before the others.

“Looking for someone?” that familiar baritone called to Amy.

“Hey! You missed the jump too?”

“You could say that.”

* *Lap 3* *

Amy couldn't hold her resolve and let out a high pitched cheer of joy!

Here she was, heart pounding faster then a hummingbird gliding through a beautiful green jungle having fun. Any thoughts of Sonic were gone as it was just her and nature and Shadow who stayed close by her in the second lap either to tease to attack anyone getting to far ahead.

“If I didn't know any better I'd say you want me to win.” She had called over the rush.

“Don't flatter yourself girl, I want to win this too if you haven't noticed.” He sped up then leaving Amy giggling behind him “If you say so, however,” She easily slide past him “I want that Shaved Ice from you so I won't lose.”

Shadow smirked as she performed a triple backflip then land perfectly.

Seeing Amy laughing as she jumped up and down on her board was a pleasant sight one certainly better than her previous low.

He hoped she'd stay like this for a while longer.

Meanwhile, Sonic held first with Jet hot on his trail “Seeya at the finish line SLOWPOKE!”

Suddenly it all happened too fast.

Jet attacked Sonic with his two Bashosen fans knocking him to the side right into Amy forcing her into the Power section where Storm was already mercilessly knocking objects aside this was not an area meant for speed riders to enter so a Chao wasn't there to catch a falling speed rider.

“Ahh! Wait! help!!”


Sonic had two choices and his first instinct was to help his friend but the longer he waited the closer Jet was to first but this was Amy...

Amy was constantly knocked over by the larger objects each time causing her gear to lose air until it was all gone and the board was useless. Amy's small body crashed to the ground leaving cuts and scratches on her skin but that didn't bother her as much as the pounding in her head. The pain was like a wildfire, unable to take it her body shut down

The tracks sloped to the slide so Amy body began slipping further, further down while her feet dangled on the edge. It seemed like forever until he could wrap his strong peach arms around her and lift her bridal style. Amy's board was unfortunately gone having fell in the green pit.

The two were in 9th place but after regaining his air, pulling off enough tricks, and attacked absolutely anyone who came near him Shadow manged to cross the finish line in 4th place.

“Amazing folks! That's probably our closest race yet, it was anyone's game not to mention the unexpected rescue of rider Amy Rose who we've regrettably have decided that since Miss Rose didn't cross the line on her board she is disqualified. Here's the results of the Green Cave top eight winners displayed on the Jumbo-tron.

1st Place - Sonic the Hedgehog

2nd Place - Jet the Hawk

3rd Place - Tails the Fox

4th Place - Shadow the Hedgehog

5th Place -Aiai

6th Place - Storm the Albatross

7th Place - Knuckles the Echidna

8th Place – Ulala

We'll see you all tomorrow for the final race. This is Omochao over and out!”

No matter how many times Amy looks at the screen at her bedside displaying the contestants her name just wasn't in the list.

She didn't place at all.

All the happiness inside her faded leaving only sorrow and anger as the lingering crowd cheered for the eight winners, the eight people who weren't dumb enough to fall in a power only section of the course.

Amy sighed deeply wishing simply to go home but that wouldn't be fair to her friends to not cheer them on in the finale.

No, She would suck it up and be a good sport

By herself.


High Riders Chapter 1

This story was inspired by the cover art originally drawn by

I didn't just want eight people in the story so I added Cream, Aiai and Ulala for variety and while they didn't do much here they will in the next Chapter.

Hello, LittleNeko23 here!

So if you don't know what Dragon Ball Multiverse is, it is a web comic made by Salagir and Gogeta Jr. 
The plot is the DBZ characters are invited for a grand scale tournament against other universes where history turned out differently than we know. I suggest reading it yourself on the website listed below cause it's a really good read.

Moving on...
This project is in it's baby stages with only me as a script writer/director. I'm looking for:
1. an animator who can give me quality animation as good as the show or better. (I do ask that you show me your work so I can see if you have what I'm looking for)
2. a second director 
3. an Audiovisual person; Someone to give us music whether original or not (If not original please have your copyright straight)
4. another scriptwriter. I'm new to professional script writing so I need second looks.

Now voice actors I'm not worried much about now since a date isn't set nor the script for 1 episode completed however, if you wish to send in a recording early simply Skype me. I'll write in my journal when the VA casting is up.
I hope you wish to work with me! oh and don't worry I have an official confirmation from the DBM creators to use their work.

DBM website:
My Skype: diandra.dorsey18

Hey guys how ya been?
I tryna get some more stories out for you all promise I am. Look out a special Pokemon Fic....
Kuroshitsuji Fan Art by TheSilentNeko
Kuroshitsuji Fan Art
I colored this for a really good friend of mine, hope you like it and sorry it took so long!
Still new to Gimp so I couldn't figure out how to add shadows and depth without ruining the whole thing Sweat Drop 
Original drawing by : :iconcheesecake-superstar:
I'm looking for a fellow dedicated writer who is also a Sonic fan (specifically in the ShadAmy fandom)

This Fanfic is going to be in two volumes with the second one being the hardest for me to write on my own as it will have a mythology and history all it's own although (Won't say much, but I will say it involves Angels and Gaurdians)

My skype is diandra.dorsey18

Please comment below or private message me if your interested and I hope we can work together to create something big and well loved
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United States
My name is Neko and I'm a writer.
18 years old and I love anime and Roleplaying.
I have two Roleplay forums which have become rather large and I'm proud of them.

Music is a passion of mine! I don't care if it's American, Asian, Indian whatever as long as it's good I like it.

My current project is a few Shadamy stories and then hopefully joining a few DBZ communities as well.

My goal is to be known as a well written story teller and in the long run produce a novel of my own creation.

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